"Million Dollar e-Com Secrets"
Get Inspired in 20 Minutes
To Make Your First Million in e-Commerce
How Ashley Bootstrapped 
Her Own e-Commerce Company
Ashley's story will inspire you to go after your e-commerce dreams and income goals - no matter what your circumstances and even if you've never done this before..

Ashley launched her online business with just a credit card and a lot of drive.
Ashley's Story of Growing 
Her 7-Figure Empire
How Blissique Bath Bombs and 
Soap Naturals were launched on from Ashley's apartment!

After reading Ashley's book, you'll have ideas for how to source and launch your own e-commerce product.
5 "Million-Dollar Secrets" to Replicate Ashley's Success
Ashley shares 5 Quick Secrets that will help you get inspired for YOUR first million dollar e-commerce business. 

You'll have a blueprint to learn exactly what Ashley did in e-commerce to make her first million - with fewer mistakes.
Meet with author
Meet THE author
  • $2.2 Million Sold on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon)
  • Serial e-Commerce Entrepreneur
  • 15,000 Products Launched

Ashley Kinkead is an Amazon expert, coach and master trainer. She's inspired and equipped thousands of business owners around the world with the skills and strategies they need to build full-time online empires from the ground up. She is the host of the top-ranked Private Label Mastery podcast, which ranks in the top 20% of worldwide podcasts on i-Tunes. Over 500,000 people have attended her masterclass sessions.

Today, no other woman in the industry has worked with more 6 and 7-figure Amazon FBA sellers than Ashley Kinkead. She's the female mastermind behind thousands of products you shop for on the Amazon marketplace.

In 2015, Ashley desired to to leave her dead-end career as a manager in corporate America. She desired more freedom, income, control of her schedule and mostly, time with her family. She started out selling used books on Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). She then launched into Private Label products, eventually listing over 15,000 products on Amazon and making millions of dollars from her apartment!

Ashley Kinkead
What Readers Are Saying About Ashley...

I wouldn’t have made it on my own without her support.

I’m really happy with my experience and would strongly recommend her book. I'm thrilled to report I have two products launched on Amazon. One is even in the top 1% of Toys.Total gross revenue $32,400 since joining PLM.”

Rebecca K.

Just what I needed to get started on Ashley's journey!

I met Ashley last year at one of her Amazon FBA classes in Dallas, but of course, I  wanted to know more. This book felt like a window inside Ashley's life. I enjoyed her honest story and even get some ideas for my business, too. 
My $1 million business is coming!

Sam T.

Excellent Reading for New and Experienced Sellers!

This is an excellent book for both new and experienced Amazon sellers who need a jumpstart. I opened this book because I wanted to dive into Ashley's story. I felt inspired, encouraged and it was very eye-opening!

Megan M.

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